3rd Pricing & Reimbursement 2016

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Pricing & Reimbursement a Global Perspective.

08 Nov - 09 Nov 2016

With the passing of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010) in the US and increasing pressures in Europe by national healthcare authorities to lower pharmaceutical spending, worldwide pricing and reimbursement are set to become more stringent. It is now the case that countries like Germany and UK, which traditionally exert less control, plan to introduce value-based pricing. This trend is set to extend to emerging markets with governments vowing to curb healthcare spending. 

The 3rd Annual Pricing and Reimbursement Conference will address the latest international developments, provide detailed analysis of the pricing market and enable you to gain better understanding of a product's potential price profile.

Why you should attend this conference:

  • Hear the latest in value based pricing
  • Review the impact of the healthcare reform bill in the US
  • Discuss current developments in P & R policy in Canada, Turkey and Russia
  • Explore risk-sharing pricing schemes across Europe
  • Evaluate the influence of parallel trade on drug pricing
  • Analyse the effects of generic drugs use
  • Examine the future of global pricing and reimbursement
  • Use this platform to stay ahead in this ever evolving sector