Drug Delivery Congress 2017

22 Mar - 23 Mar

Applications for Speaker Positions for 2017 Open


Prefilled syringes (PFS) constitute one of the fastest growing segments of the injectable drug delivery device market.  The administration of therapeutic drugs via injection is an indespensable delivery method for numerous drugs critical to patient health and well-being. A prefilled syringe is defined as a single-dose packet of vaccine to which a needle has been fixed by the manufacturer.  Typically metal and glass have been common in the past, however there has been a shift towards plastic and disposable syringes, so the needle is protected and cannot be reused (prefilled disposable systems).

 Estimates show that the global prefilled syringes market , is likely to reach sales of  6.9 billion by 2018, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 13.8% from 2012 to 2018 . Many examples of drugs packed into prefilled syringes are vaccines, blood stimulants, therapeutic proteins, erythoprotein.

The pharmaceutical market promises high potential for prefilled syringes, however production costs are high and manufacturing is complex.  Industrial pressure arising concerning pharmacovigilance and reducing cost suggest there are still challenges to overcome.

Why you should attend this conference:

  • Understand current market dynamics: prospects for the future
  • Analyse manufacturing options ready to fill vs bulk syringes
  • Explore approaches to ensure drug identity, potency and sterility
  • Utilise strategies to ensure quality and safety of prefilled syringes
  • Ensure pharmacovigilance practices 
  • Investigate compatibility issues : avoiding changes in product quality
  • Overcome regulatory and technical hurdles
  • Discover novel prefilled syringe technology

Day 1

09:30 Registration and refreshments 

10:00 Opening address from the chair 

10:10 Vaccine manufacturing- strategies for the future
- Vaccine market dynamics, a world in change
- New approaches: development and deployment of innovative solutions in vaccine manufacturing
- LEAN in manufacturing, maximizing the output of a facility
- Vaccine manufacturing strategies, from a rigid approach to implementation of flexible technology
- A vision for the future: distributed flexible manufacturing 

Paul von Hoegen, Managing Director , Eurracine

11:00 HIV Vaccine Design & Development

-  HIV Vaccine and Design
- Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD)
- Adenovirus/AAV/Lentivirus vectors 

Dr Takis Athanasopoulos, Lecturer in Molecular Biotechnology, University of Wolverhampton

11:30 Morning refreshments 

11:50  Immunogenicity testing using viral pseudotypes

- Design and construction of pseudotypes
- Pseudotypes as serological antigens 
- Immunogenicity testing usung pseudotypes

Nigel Temperton Senior Lecturer, University of Kent

12:30  A unique partnership for product development 

- Vaccine clinical trials sub-Saharan Africa
- Poverty related and neglected infectious diseases
-  Pharma industry & clinical trials

Dr Lara Padya, Director of North- North Cooperation, EDCTP

13:10 Networking lunch 

14:30 Fast track development of manufacturing processesfor recombinant vaccine proteins produced using microbial systems 

- Rapid selection of an optimal expression system and early definition of the upstream production process
- Exploiting pre-optimised platform approaches to purification to quickly define and establish the manufacturing process for bulk API
- Reducing time-lines to move to clinical development 

Anthony Lockett, Senior Director, Retroscreen 

15:10 Mucosal Vaccination to C. difficile Infection



15:50 Afternoon refreshments 

16:10 Collaborative vaccine partnering
- Strategic alliances shaping the vaccine industry
- Biotech and pharma approaches to strategic alliances
- Case studies- what do partners want and need? 

16:50 Outsourcing production and ensuring GMP and GLP 

17:30 Closing remarks from the chair 

17:40 Networking drinks, Take your discussions further and build new relationships in a relaxed and informal setting.

Day 2

Day 2:

09:30 Registration and refreshments 

10:00 Opening address from the chair 

10:10 Universal influenza vaccines : challenges and hurdles

- Ideal properties of a universal vaccine
- Live attenuated flu vaccine a case study
- Challenges faced by universal vaccines in the clinic 

Helen Bright, Senior Scientist Virology, Astrazeneca

10:50 Developing MDCK cell-culture derived vaccines 

- Developing a cell-based platform for influenza vaccines
- Drivers of immunogenicity and cross protection in animals
- Clinical trial strategy and first data in humans- safety plus pre-clinical and manufacturing processes

Elke Smits, Liason Officer, Centre for Medical Innovation 

11:30 Morning refreshments 

11:50 The transition of a company and product from development to commercialisation 

- Defining the road-map from product development to market entry
- Key business and process decisions to be made along the way
- Identification and management of the transition in:
- Process: from development to routine
- People: changes in required experience and training
- Systems: QA and QC oversight and control
- Structure: Management responsibility 

 Prof Martin Scholz, CSO , Leukocare​ 

12:30 Human Specific Vaccines based on the game changing S-TIR technology platform for therapeutic treatment of severe allergic diseases as well as cancer

- Human Specific Vaccines
- Severe Allergic Diseases
- Oncology

 Geert C.Mudde, Founder and CSO, S-Target Therapeutics GmbH 

13:10 Networking lunch 

14:30 Biosafety testing for Vaccine Industry

-  Regulatory approaches to safety testing
- Novel Cell substrates - testing approaches
- Technology advances for vaccines

Dr Donna  McMutrie, Principle Scientist, Bioreliance

15:10 Challenges in vaccine research in the UK and their significance for International Research 

- How does Infonetica enable effective research management? 
- what solutions are being developed?
- where are the major challenges faced? 

Mel Singh, Account Manager, Infonetica 

15:50 Afternoon refreshments 

16:10 Influenza vaccine production capacity indeveloping countries 

- Growing importance of vaccine manufacturers in developing countries in ensuring access to vaccines
- Initiatives to achieve a more equitable influenza vaccine manufacturing capacity at the global level
- Supportive role of OECD-based vaccinology institutions in this process 

Jerry Sadoff, Head of Early Development, Crucell 

16:50 BRICs- capabilities and advantages in a global market 

- The technological expansion and innovation of emerging suppliers in the international vaccine market
- Movement of production away from U.S. and Europe to Brazil, India and China
- How intellectual property protection affects access to vaccines in developing countries 

17:30 Chair's closing remarks 

17:40 End of conference

Jean-Rene Authelin
Global Head of Pharmaceutical Engineering 
Douglas Ball
Researcher Fellow


Tiffany Mcintyre
Human Factors Engineer,
Eli Lilly

Yasser Nashed- Samuel
Principle Scientist

Chris Muenzer
Drug Delivery Device Engineer

Irene Cecchini
Researcher, Physio-chemical chracterization Lab 

Ed Israelski
Program Manager
Abbott Labs

Dennis Jenke
Distinguished Scientist
Baxter Healthcare

Aarti Gadh
Principal Scientist

Kiran Singh
Associate Director
Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

Li-Chun Tsou
Global Device Technical Director, Astrazeneca

Mark Tsai
Pincipal Engineer, Drug Delivery, Johnson & Johnson 

Hanspeter Heiniger
Head of External Quality Combination Products

Joely Gardner
Chief User Researcher
Human Factors Research


Scott Arra
Device Technology Lead, Respiratory, Injectables,
and Topical Delivery Systems, North America, GSK

Philippe Bourhis
Technical Director

Shem Fischer
Medical Manager, Contract Manufacturing

Kerstin Walke
Head Global Pharmaceutical Development
Boehringer Ingelheim

Ed Israelski
Director Human Factors

Edwin Harmon
Director of Manufacturing Operations

Diane Paskiet
Faculty Member PQRI Extractables and Leachables
West Pharmaceutical Services

Mike Ronk
Principal Scientist

Nan Lin
Manager Drug Product Technology

Ross Allen
Associate Senior Consultant Engineer, Eli Lilly and Company

Stephen Brych
 Principal Scientist

Doug Kiehl
Team Leader - Spectroscopy, Raw Materials and Extractables & Leachables
 Eli Lilly and Company

Gopi Vudathala
Head, Regulatory Affairs CMC & Compliance
GSK Vaccines

Jonathan Amaya Hodges
 Manager, Device Systems Quality

Srini Sridharan
 Director, Innovation & Drug Delivery
 Bristol-Myers Squibb

John Smith
 Director, Global Regulatory Affairs






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